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Photography Sundays Podcast Ep. 10 – Montaigne, Kafka and Traveling

I have a new process of thought when it comes to Photography. An idea struck me while I was listening to Philosophize This! A brilliant podcast I highly recommend if you want to learn more about philosophy in general. Today’s chat is about the philosopher Montaigne, Kafka, and what I’ve learned about how I’m approaching the philosophy of photography! I hope you enjoy!


Photography Sunday – Ep.3 – Rules and Guidelines to Street Photography

Todays Episode is about the rules and guidelines of street photography. Street photography is an exploding subgenus of photography with a deep-rooted history, a plethora of “masters” and with it the associated traditions. For many, the guidelines that make up street photography are viewed more as must follow the rules. New, and emerging talents are already breaking those moulds and setting their standards alongside the ever-expanding access to advancing technology. The traditionalist values are under challenge while only existing for such a short time (relatively speaking), but the unique issue presented is the expansion of technology.