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PicturEd’s Beginnings or Why I made this Photo blog

I’m starting to feel under the weather; I’ve spent most of the winter avoiding the colds and flu’s going around and yet today I can feel it creeping up. This is why I won’t be putting up a podcast this week for Photography Sundays; the cold has got me, and I think it’s going to be a bad one. So instead of forcing you all to listen to my croaky voice, I thought I would finally get started on the more personal and frequent blog posts I intended to make when I created Pictured.

These posts will be lighter, more fluffy with a hint of my personality. I’m doing these because writing and thinking about photography in an abstract manner tends to be quite draining, as does reading heavy, dense writing on aesthetics, ethics etc. I’m sure many of you are looking for lighter and easier to read the content. So I will aim to post those more frequently than my more substantial articles (which I will still do). I love thinking and abstractly writing about photography, but Pictured isn’t just for those dense essays. It’s hard enough thinking them up as it is structuring them to be readable, and I knew that from the beginning. I want to document my journey making those posts as much as I want to make those posts, and this is where Pictured stemmed from.

Duality – By Ed Fetahovic

Pictured is the culmination of several failed websites and endeavours all of which lead me to realize what I wanted to do all along, which is think, talk and share the weird and beautiful shortfalls of photography. There are plenty of photoblogs out there, all of which offer more or less the same thing; camera talk, trends in photography (filters, popular Instagram hashtags, and top ten whatever’s), and featured content from photo contests winners etc. if that is what you are after. But I felt like photography throughout its history has been placed in a box, and that’s it, and I see something more on offer, I just don’t know what that all is just yet. Hence looking.

Photography got very little philosophical interest throughout the proliferation of visual art, and to its determent, the commercial markets these days seem to dictate above all else, what ‘things” are based on the function and capabilities of products, which worsens the position of photography as a significant and abstract function of reality. So, here we are, PicturEd is my attempt at teasing out photography beyond its current definition through podcasts, posts, photo essays, and just thinking about it as best I can.

For those of you who have followed so far, listened to the podcasts and have come back for more, thank you kindly, I will be posting more readable and personable updates in the future which include photo essays, day in the life of posts and more podcasts!





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